Simple… we wanted the longest baseball team name in History! WE ARE NOT a travel team!!!! We are a College Developmental Program, and we also help develop players for the MLB draft.

We wanted to use the Garciaparra baseball name to gain exposure for your kids as the Garciaparra’s are very well connected in the baseball world. It has already helped guide numerous players to gain exposure and recognition, and we hope to continue this for years to come.

One of our goals is to not just make better players, but better young men and having our staff be more than just coaches to these kids. GBG takes pride in representing their brand with respect and class. We strive to keep you well informed by our staff and to communicate as best as possible.

We never say we are better than any other team or program, but we do say we are different!

Our HS age teams called GBG Marucci need to use Marucci bats and batting gloves. We teamed up with Marucci because we are one of the few teams nationally that Marucci has chosen to sponsor. Marucci has a reputation of having some of the best equipment and we would like your kids to have access to their equipment at a substantial savings (using our code for 30% off on our GBG Marucci store tab), including their products and gear!

GBG Youth Teams not labeled Marucci do not have to use only Marucci bats and/or batting gloves, although we definitely recommend their products which can be purchased at a great discount (again, going to our GBG Marucci store tab).

Currently, more than 40% of all Major Leaguers are now swinging Marucci bats.

We play or train pretty much four Sundays a month, from June until the end of December. If there are five Sundays in a month, we will take one of those Sundays off.

One hour before game time is great; but no later than 45 minutes before game time. If you’re going to be later than that, text your coach.

Michael Garciaparra and Monique Marchetta will be accepting phone calls  Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays &  Saturdays 12 pm. – 8 pm., & Sundays 7 am. – 5 pm.  MONDAYS & TUESDAYS OFF (please no calls unless it’s an emergency.)

We’ve had problems with people not reading emails and asking questions that are answered in the emails that have been sent. A lot of time and effort has been put into these emails and they are filled with very valuable information for you to utilize.  So, please read them thoroughly!

Specific coaches for each team have been set and we will try and keep them with the same team throughout the Summer and Fall. Occasionally, coaches will change due to their being away for tournaments/events. As for Michael and Ramon, they will be roving from team to team on most weekends to assist and evaluate.

PLEASE CALL YOUR COACHES FIRST FOR ANY QUESTIONS AND/OR PROBLEMS. Especially if you should have any questions regarding:

  • Game times
  • Player evaluations (they will give you their honest answer so be prepared)
  • College recruiting questions, please get in contact with Ricki Marder

Please go to your coach first and, if they can’t help you, then call Michael

For our local teams, we will try and divide up playing time as equally as we can every weekend, dependent upon the number of kids that show up. Our playing time and at-bats may be limited on some weekends if a lot of players show up, but we are more concerned with quality and not quantity. Our coaches are instructed to not just give the players playing time on Sundays, but to have them learn from every experience and opportunity they have with us.

Games times are always TBD but most of our games will be double-headers on Sundays. WE WILL TRY AND POST GAME TIMES AND LOCATIONS BY THURSDAYS EACH WEEK. Some home fields we may use are St. John Bosco (Bellflower), Don Bosco Tech (Rosemead), and Fullerton High School, just to name a few. Teams we may be playing against come from Orange County, LA, San Fernando, and surrounding areas.

* If anyone should have any connections to the availability of playing fields, please let Michael know. *

Teams are divided by grad year and not by age in order to make it easier for college coaches to recruit. To a certain degree, college coaches are not interested so much in a player’s age, they are more concerned with Grad year because that helps them with what players they need for each recruiting class.

We have teams separated into multiple teams because of the number of kids in our program. We do this so we can provide more kids with an opportunity to learn from a great coaching staff, and to be around quality kids and families. Our Navy and Blue teams are never set rosters and kids will  be asked on any given weekend to play with one or the other, and can also be asked to play for an older or younger team. Players will be encouraged to try and play hard and learn as much as possible each weekend, and to show us they can be our top players for their age group.

Some may feel that the number of players per roster is high, especially during the summer months. But from experience, we have learned that this is necessary due to the fact that players miss for a multitude of reasons and we need to have a sufficient number of players in order to field a team. Our coaches will make sure that pitchers get their innings and position players get their a.b.’s and defensive innings. It is VERY important that our players communicate if they have:  time limitations, if they’re sore or nursing a nagging injury, the possibility of trying another position, or if the coach forgot to put them in a line-up…please communicate with your coach!

Absolutely! Our coaches have monthly meetings and, in addition, our coaches write reports to Michael, after every Sunday game, evaluating each player that shows up to play.

Local GBG teams are the teams that will be playing locally every Sunday in the summer and fall months. Our Tournament teams will consist mainly of players selected from our Local Teams and may include outside players coming in to help us compete at the national level. Doing well at these national events helps our ENTIRE PROGRAM with exposure, and also helps put our program on the map nationally. It also gets D1′s, Ivy Leagues, D2, D3, JUCO, and NAIA schools interested and excited to know more about our program—which creates interest in all our players. At times, we will travel out of state with our teams or have all of our teams participate locally in tournaments. At this time, we cannot give confirmation on exactly what trnys these will be. As soon as we know, trust me, we will let all of our families know.

That being said, playing time for Tournament teams is never guaranteed.

Unfortunately, some players who sign up and are not chosen may be overlooked unintentionally because we have not had the chance to see them play—it is not a reflection of their skills.  PLEASE MARK DOWN IF YOU CAN GO WITH ANOTHER TEAM AS THIS IS A TOUGH TRNY TO GET INTO!!!! Obviously, we need to see more of our new players…but you need to sign up to be considered.

All Trny costs will be different and cannot yet be determined because some Trnys change their pricing yearly. We are very reasonable with our trny fees and will get the info to you as soon as we can.

Yes. . .We do not have a problem with your son playing on another team as long as we are aware of it, and we don’t already have your son on our team in the same tournament. However, we need to be informed beforehand. We want your sons to play as much as possible, but we also want to make sure they are playing for a team that will not compromise your son’s health. Some teams have been known to do this just to win a baseball game, which is why we’d like to know the team they will be playing for.

Many scout teams are, more or less, travel ball organizations. They are simply travel ball programs that charge a lot and may not be true scout teams because they do not have a true MLB team affiliation. Real scout teams charge minimally, if anything, and have a genuine connection to a MLB program and are run by an Area Scout. If you are getting approached to play for a scout team, please call Michael so he can let you know if it’s genuine or not.

Sunday workouts will be days where we will have 2-3 hours of drills and teaching. Intra-Squad games may take place but the main focus is to have our teams come together and learn from our well-qualified staff. This instruction is geared towards helping them in their baseball careers and also helping them become better players. These are very informative and affords them a great opportunity to learn from some great instructors.

We would love to have practices during the week but, with our players being from all parts of So Cal, having a full team at practice is difficult. Also, high school players in our program are aware that their high schools hold practices for most of the summer. The kids are usually exhausted. Once again, we are about quality not quantity. In So Cal, we have the luxury of playing ball 365 days a year, there’s no need to put more wear on these growing athletes.

We have a check-in system that is program-wide and is mandatory in order to be rostered that Sunday. You will be required to check in no later then 3 pm Wednesday through our “Player Check-in” on our website.  Regular check-in starts Monday and runs until Tuesday night at 9 pm. When 9:01 pm hits (Tuesday), late check-in begins and runs until 3 pm Wednesday. Players checking in late will sit the first three innings of their games for Sunday.

We have to know who’s playing in order to schedule enough games. We do this to try to ensure our players get enough playing time and reps.

Some kids may get asked to become pitchers only. I know this is a tough subject for some, but we are a competitive baseball organization and this will be brought up in a case by case basis.

We are a Year-long Membership program and not a pay-for-each- month-you-play program.

Monthly dues are $199 and due on the 1st of every month starting from May-November. For GBG Marucci LA teams, please contact Monique Marchetta. For GBG Orange County (OC) teams, please contact Marcus Jones, and for GBG North teams, contact Anthony Chevrier.

Cancellation fee: If for any reason a player decides to leave our program, a fee of one month’s dues ($199) is applied unless a written notice is given to Monique Marchetta (GBG LA), Marcus Jones (GBG OC) or Anthony Chevrier (GBG North), 2 weeks before the next pay period. This is necessary because your son has taken up a spot for someone who was cut and/or on a waiting list, and we would like for everyone to be as committed to our program as we are as a staff. The two weeks gives us time to find a replacement and so we know we have enough players per team.

What you are getting for your Yearlong Membership: (High School Age Only)

  • Professional coaching and instruction by our very experienced staff.
  • Double-headers on Sundays with playing time split up equally as possible, or team workouts.
  • Our College Recruiting Coordinator, (a one-time MANDATORY Fundraiser fee must be paid), which is explained during our April meetings, and how she can possibly save families thousands of dollars. Mandatory for all Marucci Teams. Optional for OC and NORTH but mandatory if want to utilize Ricki Marder
  • Assistance with answers to college camps and showcases. We can help you save thousands of dollars!!
  • A dedicated web page solely for our program
  • Playing fields and facilities
  • Representing a reputable team that has national recognition
  • Huge percentage off Marucci products and gear.
  • Our staff gets together for monthly meetings so that we can properly place your son on the team that is best suited for his skill level and development as a player. 
  • Although you only pay for 7 months, our staff and I work year round, not just the 7 months your membership covers.

Breaking down our fees, if you just paid for games only, it would run $24.88 per game, but we are providing all of the above as part of  your monthly membership. As a point of reference, Volleyball, Club Soccer, Hockey, and other activities such as dance, cheer-leading, etc., can run families up to $6000-$10,000 a year. We charge way below that!

For the 2017 Season we will be using 2 different pay options. They are: monthly auto-pay through our merchant account or a one time payment for the entire season. Monthly auto-pay is the simplest and most efficient way to collect our monthly fees – it allows you to gain credit cards points and is easy for the parents and for us to keep track of. Questions about payments? For GBG Marucci LA teams, please contact Monique Marchetta. For GBG Orange County (OC) teams, please contact Marcus Jones, and for GBG North teams, contact Anthony Chevrier.
Late payments will cost your kid’s playing time and that’s something we do not want to do. If a payment plan needs to be discussed, please contact Monique Marchetta (GBG LA), Marcus Jones (GBG OC), Anthony Chevrier (GBG North) or Michael and we’ll be happy to help with arrangements. (NOTE –  Fundraising will be discussed.)

Names are removed from rosters when either of the following happens:  You leave the organization, you stop paying your dues or are delinquent with your membership dues.

We all know you guys all have to fundraise at your HS and this baseball program is no different. Fundraisers help pay for your Professional Coaching staff, extra coaches for Workout days, Administrators, Our Recruiting Coordinator (Ricki Marder), Trny costs, Baseball Equipment, Baseballs, Umpires, Field rentals, Travel expenses, flights, hotels, Rental Vans, Team/Organization parties. Fundraisers will be mandatory, but we promise we will make them as easy as possible. We do this so we can keep our very low monthly cost of $199 manageable for all our families. With fundraisers, it allows us to do extra things for your boys.

  • FUNDRAISERS – 100% goes to your kids. (If anyone would like to help with fundraiser events, please contact Michael)

    In order to utilize our Recruiting Coordinator and Sports Recruits to it’s fullest. We have one MANDATORY fundraiser buy-out. This fundraiser buy-out cost is $150 and MUST BE PAID BY April 1ST. (Players added after the July 1st deadline will have this fee due at time of sign up).
  • Email letter (Sponsorship Letter will be sent out)
  • Sponsorship banners/ads on our website. Pertaining to our website, we average over 35,000 hits a month. It’s a tax write-off for a business.

Complicated, but yes and no. If your son does not behave, or acts in a way we feel is not in accordance with our Code of Player Conduct, he can be asked to no longer participate in our program. We will be emailing this Code of Player Conduct at a later date but it will definitely include what they post on Social media sites, behavior in school, and their grades. Players are expected to play  with respect on and off the field.  SOCIAL MEDIA INFRACTIONS CAN GET PLAYERS CUT!!!!!!!!!!

Players who were not pitchers only may be asked at a certain time to become pitchers only or will be given the option to have a discussion about it. Player performance will be addressed on a case-by-case basis if need be. We will work closely with our coaches and follow up with any concerns they may have.

Thank you very much for being here and for putting trust in our program. We are constantly striving to improve our program. We are honored to coach and help your sons on their baseball journeys. Our goal is to not just make them better players, but to also help make them better young men in the process. We are excited and look forward to another successful summer and fall – can’t wait!