College Recruiter

I had no intention of knowing anything about college recruiting. I’m a lawyer by education and I certainly wasn’t looking for a second career.

But as fate would have it, the recruiting journeys of my two eldest children, Samantha and Jack, took me smack into the middle of the entire process. Both went on to start as freshman for Power 5 D1 programs, both became pros, and both now serve as Power 5 D1 recruiting coordinators.  I’ve now been involved in college recruiting in one form or another for 22 years and directly with baseball players for the last 18. This will be my eighth season with GBG.

What’s relevant to the GBG players about my experience is that mine was not the journey of born superstars. On paper my kids might easily have fallen through the cracks as sooooo many talented players do because it’s not common knowledge how this process works successfully. What I learned is that you don’t have to be born to play college baseball…you have to be willing to develop into someone who’s qualified to play college baseball, then you have to be something special as a player, a student, AND as a recruit. It’s my job to help get you there.

If my kids can do it, there’s NO reason you can’t, unless of course you don’t listen to us and think a college coach will just find you. They won't but it’s certainly my expectation that if you’re with GBG, and you’re willing to do all of the work, we will help them find you! It’s really hard and it can be very tedious, especially without immediate results. But believe me you CAN do it! I look forward to working with you directly on your journey!!