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Ramon Garciaparra

I, Michael Garciaparra wrote this bio!

I’ll keep this simple; my father Ramon has been coaching for over 40 years and myself and others consider him one of the best coaches around. He has managed teams from 5 year olds, to Elite men’s softball teams, winning every kind of league title all the way to National Championships. Winning and teaching the game is just his thing! Even though his name is under mine on this page he is definitely “El Jefe” aka “The Boss”.

My brother Nomar, myself, and many others would tell you that when he speaks, you better listen! It was an absolute pleasure and joy to have him as my “Assistant Coach” last year. He has a world of knowledge that anyone who has learned from him, would say they’ve been lucky to do so. Also, he has a couple of sons who both were 1st Round Draft Picks in the MLB. Our program is very happy to have him. – Michael

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Area of Expertise: All Areas