GBG Xtreme FAQ’s

We typically begin the season in September and end in June. Cooperstown 12U team seasons may extend through July-August.

Teams are grouped by age according to their birthdate as follows:

– 5/1/06-4/30/07 is 14u
– 5/1/07-4/30/08 is 13u
– 5/1/08-4/30/09 is 12u
– 5/1/09-4/30/10 is 11u
– 5/1/10-4/30/11 is 10u
– 5/1/11-4/30/12 is 9u
– 5/1/12-4/30/13 is 8u

No. He is guaranteed a spot in the program, however, there are no guarantees that he will make the same team as he did the previous year (ex. being on 11u Elite does not guarantee a spot on 12u Elite). Player selection will be based on who we have returning in conjunction with who comes to tryouts. There are also certain instances where teams may fold due to lack of players, in which case we will hold an additional tryout to fill spots for that specific age group. Please always verify with your coach.

Returners will always have to re-register so that their spot is secured for the following year.

Yes. A player can be asked to no longer participate in our program if they do not behave in a way we feel is in accordance with our Player Code of Conduct. This includes (but is not limited to) social media posts, behavior on and off the field, and accountability for poor grades and bad attitudes.

Monthly fees are $275 September through June, however, these fees include year-round service and assistance from coaches/staff as well as a dedicated tech team. Fees also cover equipment, umpires, fields, two weekly practices, and use of the Dodgers Training Academy. This price does NOT include tournaments. Tournaments vary in cost but we will make sure to inform you of these additional costs ahead of time. Hotel and/or travel expenses are not included.

We offer two different payment options: There is a monthly auto-pay option through our merchant account OR a one-time payment for the entire season. We generally recommend the monthly auto-pay. This is the most simple and effective way for us to collect our monthly fees, it allows you to accumulate credit card points, and is easy for both you and us to keep track of. More questions about payments? Please contact

We intend to use the same fields as last year and are always looking to add more locations. We will also use the Dodger Training Academy.

Yes, we will purchase brand new Nike GBG uniforms.

Most teams that played in the summer will have the same coach but final coaching decisions will be announced at the start of the season. We will also have additional coaches roaming from team to team to assist and make sure we always have a fresh perspective for our evaluations.

Yes, financial aid is available to those who are eligible. Families will be required to qualify with supporting documents. Please inquire at

No, the decision whether or not to continue our program though high school is always left up to the family, although continuity and consistency is always recommended for the best results during these impactful years of playing and instruction.

No, all incoming Freshman are required to try out for the high school program.

Fundraising is a large part of playing amateur sports. Fundraisers help the program pay for financial aid, extra coaches, administrators, additional tournament costs, baseballs & equipment, extra field rentals, potential travel expenses, flights/hotels, van rentals and team/organization parties. This also helps us keep costs lower for our families!

We are closely monitoring the situation and will ensure proper safety precautions and measures are always in place to help keep all of our families, players, and staff as safe and healthy as possible during this time.

Order of contact is as follows: 1) your Team Coordinator, 2) your Team Coach and then 3) Program Director.

Email is the most effective way for us to communicate with families so please make sure we have your updated contact info! We understand that at times there may be a lot of information in our emails but we ask that you PLEASE READ ALL EMAILS IN THEIR ENTIRETY. A lot of time and effort goes into the content of these emails and they are filled with very valuable information for you to utilize. We’ve had issues in the past when parents do not read our emails and staff is often asked redundant questions that have already been answered in the emails. Thank you in advance for checking all email correspondence before contacting our staff with questions!

Absolutely! Our coaches are constantly meeting and communicating about their players as they perform and improve. In addition, our coaches write reports to the Program Director after every game, evaluating each player that shows up to play. The opportunity to advance to the next team is ultimately based on performance and the discretion of our staff so we recommend our players always bring their A-game.


This is especially important if you should have any questions regarding:

– Game times
– Player evaluations (they will give you their honest answer – so be prepared)
– Playing time

    Please contact your coach, then your Director if further assistance is needed.

    We ask that players arrive about an hour before game time but NO LATER than 45 minutes before game time. If you are going to be late, please text or call your coach as soon as possible to inform them.

    GBG Xtreme Youth Program Director Marcos Arias and GBG Owner Michael Garciaparra will be accepting phone calls 12PM-8PM Wednesday – Saturday & 7AM-5PM on Sundays. MONDAYS & TUESDAYS OFF (please no calls unless it is an emergency.) GBG High School Director Monique Marchetta will respond to voicemails and/or emails after 4pm. MONDAYS & TUESDAYS OFF (please no calls unless it is an emergency.)