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Donations & Sponsorships

Donate to a Player or Our Program

We get asked sometimes about player/program donations and we want to make it as easy as possible. So we’ve set up a PayPal button below to help with all that. Another option is for companies or individuals that want to donate direct to GBG via check or another avenue as we do have a 501c3 "The Garciaparra Foundation". We can supply our non-profit number to you as well along with a receipt. (If you'd like the direct donation option please contact or text or call at (562) 824-8973.)


When you click the PayPal link theres a dropdown menu with 3 options:

*Note you donot need a PayPal account to use this, a debit/credit card works on PayPal.

1. Select " Program to help players" who need financial aid. 

2. Select  "Specific GBG player/family". at check out you can add the player/family name if you'd like. 

3. Select "GBG Program"

Thank you in adavnce for all your generosity and kindness to help give these players more opportunities in our GBG Family.